16 People You Need In Your Homeowner Network

Like so many things in life, it’s not what you know; it’s who you know. Find these essential people for your homeowners’ network.


Insurance agent

To protect your largest asset from risk, you’ll need homeowners’ insurance.



If you’re ever in a bind (maybe you’re sick), you’ll want to have a cleaner on hand to help out.



It’s never a bad idea to have a landscaper or two on call in case you need them.



Keep your house and fence looking nice and crisp by hiring a painter to touch them up every now and then.


General contractor

You want a contractor who shows up on time, can accurately quote projects, and offers you options.



Everyone needs a break from the homestead. Find people who can watch your loved ones and space while you’re away.



Find a trustworthy plumber to help with your clogged drains and leaky pipes.



Electrical emergencies typically need to be dealt with immediately. Find a couple of trustworthy electricians you can call.



Make any necessary repairs before they’re needed — so a leaking roof doesn’t damage your house.



Do you know how to handle the tax deductions and financial implications of your home? An accountant can handle that for you.



If you make any major changes to your home or disaster strikes, an inspector can help you manage those shifts.



Your home will be regularly assessed for taxes, but an appraiser can offer a second (sometimes more accurate) opinion.


A friend at the city/county permitting office

When you make changes to your home, you’ll need permits. Get to know the people at your permitting office.


Mortgage expert

Should you refinance or take out an equity loan? A mortgage expert can help you answer those questions.



Neighbors you know are usually good neighbors, and good neighbors are worth their own weight in gold. 


Real estate agent

Your agent is the first to know about new developments, restaurants, home improvement stores, and more.